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Among our hundreds of solutions for your special needs, following are examples of our selections in their respective departments:

Battery Powered Wireless Motion Alert System

Are looking for useful Gifts for elderly parents or other special persons in your life? We suggest the Battery Powered Wireless Motion Alert System with alarm protects people who wander where they should not be going. It is especially useful to protect seniors who may get disoriented and wander or want to be alarmed when someone approaches the home. We choose our gift selections to address the needs of baby boomers to the elderly and others - regardless of age - who may have special needs.

High Amplified Spirit Speaker Phone with Photo Dial FeatureWe feature special telephones for users with special needs, such as amplified telephones and other telephone equipment for the hearing impaired, dial-by-photo phones, Emergency Response phones and Braille phones in our Phones and Pagers department. We also offer personal response devices to use to summon help from a care-giver. The selection shown here is the High Amplified Spirit Speaker Phone with Photo Dial Feature with Large Buttons that enables you to program photos to dial respective phone numbers for users who have difficulty remembering phone numbers. And, it is on sale for a limited time!!
Stay Bowl daily living aid

Daily living aids - to make cooking and eating easier if you have hand arthritis or dexterity problems go to our Kitchen department. If you have impairments that affect your ability to live comfortably and independently, then we are your One-Stop-Shop to help you live with more self-confidence and more dignity.

Champ Hot Mitt

Bed Buddy and Champ hot and cold therapy products and Memory Foam orthopedic support products and other health care items are in our Health Products department. The Champ Hot Mitt is one of our most popular selections to ease arthritis hand pain. This department also features our solutions to help you feel better, take your medications, help your hearing and eyesight, exercise more easily and monitor your health.

Deluxe Foot Stool with 34 Inch Support HandleYou will find handy to have around-the-house merchandise in our Household department. Here is the Deluxe Foot Stool with 34 Inch Support Handle. Make household chores easier and safer with these solutions.
Maddak Card Player Card HolderHobby interests - You will find popular hobby suggestions, magnifiers and Oxo gardening tools in our Hobbies department.
Walking Cane and Standing AidIf you need help getting around, check out our wide selection of mobility aids, safety bed bars, bathroom safety bars, lifting devices, canes, walker accessories, and stabilizing devices in our Mobility department. An example is the Arising Cane combination of walking cane and standing aid.
Microfiber Mesh Back ScrubberMore mature / aging skin requires special skin care. Bathing tools, lotion applicators and special olive oil based skin creams are in our Skin Care department. Bathing and care for your skin can be difficult if you have tender skin or dexterity problems, or trouble reaching and bending, so check out these solutions.
Therafirm Compression SocksCompression / Support socks and stockings - We are one of the leading internet retailers of the top quality Therafirm compression stockings for both women and men in our Compression Hosiery department. We feature the Therafirm Core-Spun line of wrestle-free compression hosiery that make putting on and taking off support hose much easier. Special Free Shipping on Compression Hosiery: For a limited time, get free Domestic Economy shipping on all of our compression stockings, pantyhose and socks, regardless of how many you order. If it's time to re-order, you're in luck!
FlexiShoe Pressure-Free Shoes for Problem FeetRelief for diabetic peripheral neuropathy and other foot problems can be found in our Foot Care department. An example is the FlexiShoe Pressure-Free Shoes for Problem Feet. We also feature special socks for diabetics who suffer from ulcers, sensitive feet and swelling.
Deluxe Swivel Seat CushionUse the Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion in the car or the home to help prevent back and hip strain. Enjoy this and other 'creature comforts' at home and when you're on the go in our Leisure and Travel department.
Slip-On® Dressing AidDressing can be a challenge for people with back and knee problems that make bending and pulling difficult. We offer a number of solutions for these problems in our Clothing department. Here is the popular Slip-On® Dressing Aid to assist you in putting on clothing items.
Reusable washable incontinence undergarmentsIncontinence - If you or a loved one are among the millions who suffer from bladder problems, we offer solutions. Our reusable ladies' washable incontinence panties and men's washable incontinence briefs look and feel like regular soft cotton undergarments. They do not require a disposable pad, yet they hold up to 6 oz. of fluid because the protection is built-in! They are more cost-effective than disposable pads as you wash and reuse them. You will find them in our Incontinence department.
PathLights Automatic Wireless LED Safety LightsAs we age, we are prone to falls and other accidents and dangers that put us at risk. We provide solutions to these safety needs, such as the PathLights Automatic Wireless LED Safety Lights and our motion-sensing devices in our Safety for Seniors department. And, you can use many of these products when you're traveling. 
Foam Tubing for ArthritisIf you have arthritis, finger, hand or wrist problems, and concerns about independent living, check out our Assistive Devices department for adaptive tools and daily living aids - such as this handy Foam Tubing for Arthritis in the Hands that can be used to enlarge eating utensil handles, toothbrushes, writing instruments and hand tools.
SuperEar® Plus Model 7500 Personal Sound Amplifier

If you have hearing problems, have you considered cost-effective alternatives to hearing aids such as the SuperEar® Plus Model 7500 Personal Sound Amplifier for slight to moderate hearing impairment as well as devices to aid your TV enjoyment? You will find these devices in our Assisted Hearing department. 

Sliding and Rotating Bath Transfer Bench

If you suffer from arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, or have strength  balance problems or otherwise need help with toileting and bathing, go to our Bathing and Grooming department where you'll find bathing and toileting solutions to improve your safety, mobility, and independence. This example is the unique Sliding and Rotating Bath Transfer Bench which spans over the side of the tub and enables you to slide and rotate into bathing position.

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Located in the coastal region of South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, SeniorS SuperStoreS has offered hundreds of solutions for baby boomers to the elderly and individuals with various impairments since the year 2000. We have been your one-stop-shop for seniors, and we look forward to continuing to serve you!